Breakthrough Grant EURO 160,000

Next Generation Sequencing of Synovial Sarcoma

Project description / Current Awarded Breakthrough Grant

The Synovial Sarcoma Research Foundation is focused on initiating and supporting high-quality basic and translational research in synovial sarcoma. This is one of the current projects that were awarded a “SSRF Breakthrough Grant”:

Next Generation Sequencing to find new treatment options

January 2013 - December 2015 The Netherlands

The Synovial Sarcoma Research Foundation funded a three year research project at the University Medical Center St. Radboud Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Research professor was Prof. Dr. Winette van der Graaf.

She was working with her team of colleagues Dr. Yvonne Versleijen-Jonkers (medical oncology) and Dr. Patricia Groenen (Pathology) and the talented researcher Myrella Vlenterie.

The aim of this project was to find new treatment options for patients with synovial sarcoma. The project consisted of two parts.

Part I: Tumor analysis

The first part consists of the analysis of tumor material by Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). With this method the researchers map the genetic makeup of tumors in order to find markers that can predict whether a particular tumor will respond to a particular therapy. They are using the available tumor tissue and cell lines at the St. Radboud as well as cell lines that were supplied by colleagues in Japan.

Part II: Mouse models

The second part consists of the generation of synovial sarcoma mouse models for investigating new therapeutic opportunities. With the aid of these models, a new possibility for therapy will be examined. Alternative treatment options in response to the results of Part I can also be tested on the models in Part II.

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