Synovial Sarcoma Research


Targeting the one Sarcoma Subtype / Synovial Sarcoma

At SSRF we believe that our strength and reason for existence is in the fact that we fund research that is specifically directed at Synovial Sarcoma.

We acknowledge that research on more types of sarcoma can help towards a breakthrough in treatment, but we strongly believe that research into Synovial Sarcoma alone, because of its unique DNA characteristics, is the way forward with the best chances of success.

All "SSRF Breakthrough Grants" are therefore awarded to research that specifically focuses on Synovial Sarcoma.




"Monophasic synovial sarcoma - high mag" by Nephron - Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Scientific Advisory Board / Long term direction of research and peer judgment

The Synovial Sarcoma Research Foundation will review grant applications that will be subject to a peer judgment. This peer judgment will be made by experts from the Scientific Advisory Board or by other experts that are appointed for that specific research plan by the Scientific Advisory Board.

The Scientific Advisory Board has been established during the CTOS meeting in Berlin, 15-19 October 2014. Five expert researchers in the field of Synovial Sarcoma, working in countries around the world, have enthousiastically agreed to their role as member of the first Scientific Advisory Board.

Two governing principles

In order to be eligible for the peer judgment and consequently an awarded grant, the research plan will have to abide by the two governing principles of the SSRF:

  1. Research must have a distinctive collaborative set up with people and organizations working across borders and sharing knowledge and resources;
  2. Research must have the intent to be revolutionary, breakthrough or otherwise “game changing” in itself or in its potential for follow-on research within the timeframe of a maximum of two years.

Application process for a Breakthrough Grant / Administrative work in progress

We are currently in the process of finishing the detailed description of our Breakthrough Grant Program, governing and underlying principles and policy.

This will also entail a detailed description of the procedures for the grant application process, application forms to be used by the grant applicant, as well as prescriptive models for research plans, budget and admitted costs.

If you are already interested in applying and are confident that your research plan adheres to our two governing principles as stated elsewhere on this page, please send us an e-mail to

We will be happy to help you directly as we simultaneously work on our administrative procedures.